Call for Expressions of Interest: TRAM- Transformation Research in Adolescent Mental Health

The Graham Boeckh Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research will together support a research-to-practice network that, within 5 years, will catalyze fundamental change in youth and adolescent mental health care in Canada. In particular, it should increase the number of 11 to 25-year olds identified and receiving mental health services, and demonstrate better health outcomes for them.

MHNIG Strategic Planning - Goals for 2012-2015

1) To increase participation and engagement of membership and students in MHNIG existing and future opportunities 2) To promote mental health education 3) To strengthen articulation of mental health nursing identity 4) To build and strengthen relationships (mentorship; specialty groups; politics; academia; RPNAO and students; students from all disciplines; community; peer support; clients and families)