Dear MHNIG Members,

We have been alerted by questions and concerns from members about recent information and a survey regarding the controlled act of psychotherapy as it stands on the CNO website. We would like to encourage all MHNIG to take part in this survey though the following link.

A survey is posted to determine if these descriptors are clear, and there is an opportunity to express comments. The document closes Tuesday, February 7 and we are urging members to participate in the survey. The definition and description of the controlled act of psychotherapy is outlined in the above website.

While we are encouraged to see continued dialogue about this important issue, we feel the information that is posted is not clear that RNs will be required to get physician or nurse practitioner orders to initiate the controlled act of psychotherapy. It will be the responsibility of each nurse to distinguish when they are performing psychotherapy versus the controlled act of psychotherapy.

For more information regarding this issue and our concerns with this legislation, please see read the following information; Action Alert Political action page (background information) Letter to PA John Fraser