Aaron Clark

Bio: Role: The President/Chair shall: a) Preside at all meetings of the MHNIG and Executive Committee b) Attend or designate a member to attend RNAO’s Interest Group Chairs meetings and the Assembly of Presidents. c) Administer the affairs of MHNIG d) Be responsible for the agenda, changes in the agenda, and new business for meetings e) Present an annual report at the AGM f) Develop and evaluate goals and objectives compatible with those of MHNIG and RNAO. g) Work with the political process to achieve these goals h) Form liaisons with nursing and other organizations in support of the goals of MHNIG. i) Implement or delegate someone to begin the nomination process j) Submit a copy of Member’s Voices to RNAO as required k) Be available to connect with RNAO Home Office when questions regarding mental health and mental health nursing issues arise.